AMD Athlon II X2 270 specifications

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AMD 270 dual-core microprocessor with part number ADX270OCK23GM was supposed to launch in the 4 quarter 2010 along with two other Athlon II members, triple-core 455 and quad-core 650. One of these Athlons, X3 455, was indeed released in December as a retail processor. Two other parts, X2 270 and X4 650, eventually emerged in HP computers, so it was evident that these CPUs were released only for OEM market. Athlon II 270 is currently shipped in HP 505B micro-tower PC, while the 650 is offered in Compaq Presario CQ3545 and CQ3550 desktop computers. Additionally, both 270 and 650 are listed in specifications of HP Pro 3135 Microtower PC. AMD also produces OEM Phenom II X2 511 model, which is basically a re-branded Athlon II 270.

AMD 270 belongs to Athlon II line of microprocessors, which main difference from more expensive Phenom II CPUs is the lack of level 3 cache. This Athlon II has two cores, and operates at 3.4 GHz, or 100 MHz higher than the fastest boxed dual-core Athlon II 265 model. The lack of L3 cache on this and other dual-core Athlons is partially compensated by twice larger per-core L2 cache. Besides the CPU cores, the processor integrates dual-channel memory controller, that can work with DDR2 and DDR3 memory, and single 16-bit HyperTransport link, clocked at 2 GHz. Remaining features of this CPU are common for all latest AMD microprocessors, and they include support for SIMD instructions up to SSE3, 64-bit operating mode, Enhanced Virus Protection, Virtualization, and Cool'n'Quiet technology. Like other Athlon II X2s, the AMD 270 fits 65 Watt power envelope, and is produced in Socket AM3-compatible package. Being an OEM-only model, the Athlon II 270 is not sold in retail stores. Small number of these chips are available on eBay, priced at $70.

Performance of the ADX270OCK23GM is predictably better than the performance of older Athlon II 260 and 265 models. As an example, with about 6% higher clock frequency than the 260, the AMD 270 has up to 6% higher benchmark results.

In the second half of last year there were reports of even faster dual-core Athlon II processor, coming in the second quarter 2011. The model 275 will be clocked at 3.5 GHz, and some time ago it appeared in CPU support lists of Biostar and ECS motherboard manufacturers. At this time it's not obvious whether these CPUs will be released as retail parts, or end up in OEM systems just like the Athlon II 270 and 650.

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