Embedded Intel Celeron B810E and 847E CPUs in Q3 2011

During the second half of 2010 and the first quarter of this year, low-power value sector of Intel's embedded market was represented by three Celeron processors: standard voltage P4500 and P4505 parts in PGA and BGA packages respectively, and ultra-low power U3405. In March, Intel released Celeron B810, the first, and so far the only one low budget mobile Sandy Bridge microprocessor. Interesting thing about this CPU is the fact that the chip was intended for consumer and embedded markets. As an embedded processor, it was planned as a successor to Arrandale-based Celeron P4500. Replacements for two other embedded Arrandale CPUs, P4505 and U3405, are in the works, and they will be released in the third quarter 2011. These microprocessors are Celeron B810E and 847E.

As you may guess from the processor number, Celeron B810E has the same characteristics as the B810, i.e. two CPU cores operating at 1.6 GHz, 2 MB level 2 cache, 35 Watt thermal envelope, and support for 64-bit and Virtualization features. Integrated graphics on this chip will be clocked at 650 GHz, but may be boosted slightly higher than on the B810 model, to 1 GHz. As the "E" suffix in the processor number suggests, the CPU has embedded features thrown in. Specifically, the B810E supports ECC memory. Another difference of this SKU from B810 is the packaging - the B810E is produced in BGA package. This Celeron processor is referenced by some recently announced embedded systems, for example, you can find it in Module comparison matrix (PDF file), published by RadiSys company.

Again, a glance at the "847E" processor number tells us that it's an embedded version of dual-core Celeron 847, which is also scheduled for Q3 2011. Intel embedded roadmap, that we've seen, confirms this assumption. The 847E will have 1.1 GHz CPU core frequency, and 350 MHz graphics core, that can be boosted to 800 MHz. The SKU will come with 2 MB L3 cache, 64-bit and VT features, and have 17 Watt TDP. Like the B810E, the 847E will also support ECC memory, and will be shipped in BGA package.

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