Intel Celeron G440, G530 and G540 specifications

One month ago we published a story about three new Celeron "Sandy Bridge" microprocessors, planned for the third quarter 2011. The Celerons with processor numbers G440, G530 and G540 were revealed by leaked roadmap slide, posted by, but no other information about these models was available at the time. We now have basic specifications of these Celeron parts, including core frequencies and some CPU features. The specifications come from Intel roadmap, that we had a chance to look at.

Intel Celeron G530 and G540 models will have 2 CPU cores, and will be able to execute two threads at once. Compared to Sandy Bridge Pentiums, the Celerons will have smaller 2 MB L3 cache, and operate at lower frequencies - 2.4 GHz for the G530, and 2.5 GHz for the G540 model. Like forthcoming Pentium parts, the Celerons will integrate HD graphics with 850 MHz base and 1 GHz turbo frequencies. Both models will fit into 65 Watt thermal envelope.

Low power Celeron G440 will be a single-core and single-threaded CPU with 1.6 GHz clock rate, and 1 MB L3 cache. The HD-capable graphics controller on this chip will be clocked at 650 MHz, and can be boosted to 1 GHz when necessary. The Intel G440 is going to have 35 Watt TDP.

Needless to say that the Celeron processors will utilize "Sandy Bridge" core, although they will incorporate only basic core features, such as 64-bit instructions and VT-x virtualization. The CPUs will be produced in LGA1155 package. Exact launch dates and prices for these microprocessors are not known at this time.

Specifications of Sandy Bridge Celeron processors are provided in the table below:

ModelCoresThreadsFrequencyGraphics frequencyL3 cacheTDP
Celeron G440111.6 GHz650MHz / 1000MHz1 MB35 Watt
Celeron G530222.4 GHz850MHz / 1000MHz2 MB65 Watt
Celeron G540222.5 GHz850MHz / 1000MHz2 MB65 Watt

Update: L2 cache size for Celeron G440 was corrected in the table with processor specifications.

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