Prices of AMD FX-, E2- and A-Series desktop CPUs leaked

DigiTimes revealed today prices for upcoming AMD A-, E2- and FX-Series microprocessors. According to their sources, the processors will be priced from $70 for dual-core E2-3250 CPU, and up to $320 for flagship octo-core FX-8130P.

AMD high-performance FX-Series will consist from three tiers - FX-8000 with 8 CPU cores is positioned against Intel Core i7s, whereas hexa-core FX-6000 and quad-core FX-4000 will compete with Core i5 chips. All FX processors will be based on upcoming Bulldozer core, and they will work in socket AM3+ motherboards. Prices on these microprocessors will range from $220 to $320.

AMD A-Series APUs fall into mid-class market segment. These parts are built on Llano core, which integrates shrinked down K10 core with on-chip Radeon HD 6000-class graphics. These processors will replace current Athlon II families and entry-level Phenom IIs. The A-Series will compete with Intel Pentium and Core i3 counterparts, and with the least expensive Core i5 offerings. The cheapest from this series is going to be dual-core A4-3350P, priced at $80. The most expensive Llano APU will be quad-core A8-3550P at $170. All A-Series SKUs will require motherboards with not yet released socket FM1.

AMD E2-3250 is the only known model from E2- budget series, planned to be released in the third quarter. This part has weaker features than A-Series APUs, and its $70 sticker price reflects that. The E2-3250 is positioned against Pentium G620, that was released today.

The summary of prices and known specifications of all processors are presented in the table below:

ModelCoresSocket TypeTDPPrice
A-Series A4-3350 2 Socket FM1 65 Watt $80
A-Series A6-3450 4 Socket FM1 65 Watt $110
A-Series A6-3450P 4 Socket FM1 100 Watt $130
A-Series A8-3550 4 Socket FM1 65 Watt $150
A-Series A8-3550P 4 Socket FM1 100 Watt $170
E2-Series E2-3250 2 Socket FM1 65 Watt $70
FX-Series FX-4110 4 Socket AM3+ 95 Watt $220
FX-Series FX-6110 6 Socket AM3+ 95 Watt $240
FX-Series FX-8110 8 Socket AM3+ 95 Watt $290
FX-Series FX-8130P 8 Socket AM3+ 125 Watt $320

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