Embedded Intel Celeron 827E CPU spotted

About a month ago, we reported on two embedded Celeron B810E and 847E microprocessors. Both CPUs are similar to mobile B810 and 847 Sandy Bridge models with added support for ECC memory, and they will be coming in the third quarter 2011. Another embedded Sandy Bridge Celeron with processor number 827E was recently spotted in specifications of F21P CPU board from Men Micro, Inc (click on the "Options ->" header to see a list of CPUs). In addition to information from the linked spec sheet, we also found a couple of additional details on this SKU.

Intel Celeron 827E is a single-core ultra-low voltage microprocessor with 1.4 GHz clock frequency. This model has smaller 1.5 MB L3 cache size, than dual-core Celerons, and it includes the most basic microarchitecture technologies, such as SSE3, 64-bit instructions and Virtualization. The CPU integrates HD graphics without 3D acceleration, clocked at 350 MHz, or up to 800 MHz when turbo mode is activated. Memory controller on this chip is ECC-enabled. The Intel 827E fits into 17 Watt thermal envelope, and it will be produced in BGA package. The CPU will be introduced in the 4th quarter 2011, or 1st quarter 2012, but definitely not in the third quarter 2011.

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