Intel Celeron B710 and B800 CPUs in Q3 2011

In March 2011, Intel introduced the first, and so far the only one, mobile Celeron processor with Sandy Bridge core. From previously published stories you may know that there are four other planned Celeron microprocessors, ultra-low power 847, and three embedded models, 827E, 847E and B810E. According to roadmap documents we've seen, there will be two additional consumer class Celeron SKUs, B710 and B810, available in the third quarter 2011.

Celeron B800 is a slightly slower version of B810 model, which is currently in production. The B800 dual-core CPU operates at 1.5 GHz, has 2 MB L3 cache, and HD graphics, clocked at 650 MHz. The maximum turbo frequency of the graphics controller on this chip is 1 GHz. Like the B810, this Celeron supports DDR3-1333 memory, fits into 35 Watt power envelope, and is manufactured in socket G2-compatible package.

Intel Celeron B710 is a single-core model with 1.6 GHz clock rate. The size of L3 cache on this chip was reduced to 1 MB, but remaining features are identical to Celeron B800, i.e. 650 MHz / 1000 MHz HD graphics, DDR3-1333 support, 35 Watt TDP, and micro-PGA package.

Both B710 and B800 Celerons will incorporate only basic features, including Intel 64 and VT-x virtualization, but not HyperThreading or Turbo Boost technologies. We received somewhat confusing information from different sources on processors' launch dates. One source claims June launch for the chips, while the other places them in the third quarter. One thing is obvious - the processors will be introduced no later than the third quarter 2011.

Specifications of both models are provided in the table below. For comparison purposes, we also included details on Celeron B810.

ModelCoresThreadsFrequencyHD graphicsL3 cacheTDP
Mobile Celeron B710111.6 GHz650 MHz / 1000 MHz1 MB35 Watt
Mobile Celeron B800221.5 GHz650 MHz / 1000 MHz2 MB35 Watt
Mobile Celeron B810221.6 GHz650 MHz / 950 MHz2 MB35 Watt

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