Intel Celeron 787 and 857 CPUs are on the way

After several product launches in January, February and June of this year, Intel gradually replaced most of Westmere mobile processors with models, built on the latest Sandy Bridge microarchitecture. Intel Celeron line-up still includes two low budget SKUs, Celeron 763 and 925, based on three-year old Penryn core. Those will be replaced soon. The mainstream 925 will be superseded by Celeron B710, which is coming in the third quarter 2011. Also in the Q3, Intel will introduce two ultra-low voltage Celeron 787 and 857 processors, and the 787 model will displace Celeron 763. Once these and other mainstream Celerons are released, Intel will have a complete line of single- and dual-core Celerons for consumer and embedded markets, built exclusively on Sandy Bridge core.

Intel Celeron 857 is an incremental upgrade to 847 model, that was launched only a week ago. The microprocessor has two CPU cores, operating at 1.2 GHz, and paired with 2 MB L3 cache. The chip comes with basic instruction set extensions and technologies, like Virtualization and Intel 64. On-chip graphics unit includes only the basic features, and it is clocked at 350 MHz under normal conditions, or up to 1 GHz in turbo mode.

Celeron 787 is a single-core CPU with 1.3 GHz clock frequency, and 1 MB L3 cache. This model has the same set of features as the Celeron 857, with the exception of lower 950 MHz maximum GPU turbo frequency. This chip is positioned as a successor to Celeron 763.

As all other ULV models, the Celerons will have 17 Watt TDP and will be manufactured in a BGA package. The processors are expected to launch in the third quarter 2011. According to one of our sources, one or both chips may launch next week. The specs for the Intel 787 and 857 CPUs are provided in the table below:

ModelCoresThreadsFrequencyL3 cacheSocket TypeGraphicsMemoryTDP
Celeron 787111.3 GHz1 MBBGA1023350 MHz / 950 MHzDDR3-133317 Watt
Celeron 857221.2 GHz2 MBBGA1023350 MHz / 1000 MHzDDR3-133317 Watt

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