Prices of upcoming Intel desktop CPUs

In September, Intel plans to release new Sandy Bridge Celeron processors, as well as refresh budget and mid-class desktop processor families. In total, there will be 11 models: four Celerons, three Pentiums, three Core 3s, and one Core i5 SKU. Specifications of these microprocessors were known for quite some time. Prices for several Celeron and Core i3 chips were published by Fudzilla news site in June. Three days ago, VR-Zone revealed prices for other upcoming Celeron, Pentium and Core i3 CPUs.

Three new mainstream Celeron desktop processors, planned for September, are 1.6 GHz single-core G440, and dual-core G530 and G540 models, operating at 2.4 and 2.5 GHz. Prices of these Celerons will be $37, $42 and $52 respectively. Intel will also launch G530T chip with 2 CPU cores, 2 GHz clock speed and 35 Watt Thermal Design Power. This microprocessor will be priced at $47, i.e. it will be $5 more expensive than the G530.

Intel Pentium family will be updated with G630, G630T and G860 products. These chips will run 100 MHz faster than current production G620, G620T and G850 CPUs. Once released, new Pentiums will have exactly the same prices as their predecessors, that is $64, $70 and $86.

Two beefed up versions of the Core i3-2120 processor, i3-2125 and i3-2130, will be added to Core i3 family. The i3-2130 is 100 MHz faster than the 2120, and it will have the same $138 price. The i3-2125 with identical core frequency, as the 2120, and better HD 3000 graphics, will be available for $134. Additionally, low-power Core i3-2120T microprocessor, featuring 2.6 GHz clock frequency and 35 watt TDP, is going to replace slower i3-2100T. The 2120T will come with $127 price tag.

The only forthcoming chip from Core i5 family, quad-core i5-2320, will operate at 3 GHz. The processor will boast 6 MB level 3 cache, and Turbo Boost feature, that may increase frequency up to 300 MHz. Priced at $177, this CPU will be the most expensive model in the September's desktop lineup refresh.

Known specifications and prices of new models are presented in the table below:

ModelCoresThreadsFrequencyTurbo frequencyL3 cacheTDPPrice
Celeron G440111.6 GHzN/A1 MB35 Watt$37
Celeron G530222.4 GHzN/A2 MB65 Watt$42
Celeron G530T222 GHzN/A2 MB35 Watt$47
Celeron G540222.5 GHzN/A2 MB65 Watt$52
Pentium G630222.7 GHzN/A3 MB65 Watt$64
Pentium G630T222.3 GHzN/A3 MB35 Watt$70
Pentium G860223 GHzN/A3 MB65 Watt$86
Core i3-2120T242.6 GHzN/A3 MB35 Watt$127
Core i3-2125243.3 GHzN/A3 MB65 Watt$134
Core i3-2130243.4 GHzN/A3 MB65 Watt$138
Core i5-2320443 GHz3.3 GHz6 MB95 Watt$177

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Comments: 2

Too low power

2011-08-04 08:16:20
Posted by: Juha

"Additionally, low-power Core i2-2120T microprocessor, featuring 2.6 GHz clock frequency" ....
Hmmm, I suggest higher-power,
let's say i to the power of 3 :)


2011-08-04 16:53:31
Posted by: gshv

The story was updated. Thank you for funny correction!

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