Athlon II and Sempron-branded Llano CPUs surface on Bisotar website

Earlier this year AMD introduced Llano processors, manufactured on 32nm process, and based on enhanced "Stars" (K10) microarchitecture. First two AMD Llano microprocessors were launched more than a month ago, while several other APU models will be available later this quarter, and in the 4th quarter. Depending on incorporated features, all current and upcoming Llano models are branded as "A-Series" or "E2-Series". Considering, that high-performance AMD CPUs will be branded as "FX", and that AMD is planning to stop production of 45nm processors in the near future, it looks like older Athlon II, Phenom II and Sempron brands will slowly disappear. Or, perhaps not... Biostar recently updated CPU support list for socket FM1 motherboards, and the update revealed new Athlon II and Sempron-branded Llano products:

CPU support list for Socket FM1 Biostar motherboards
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The list shows previously unheard-of Athlon II X4 631X and 641X, Athlon II X2 221X, and Sempron 198X microprocessors. Athlon II 631X and 641X are quad-core models with 2.6 GHz and 2.8 GHz clock speeds, and 100 Watt Thermal Design Power. Sempron 198X and Athlon II 221X are dual-core processors with 65 Watt TDP, operating at 2.5 and 2.8 GHz respectively. According to part numbers, the Sempron and Athlon II X2 CPUs have 512KB level 2 cache per each core, or 1MB in total, and quad-cores have 1MB per core, or 4MB L2 cache in total. It's not possible to tell when these processors will be released, or whether they will be offered as boxed processors or not. Judging by Athlon II model numbers, which look similar to OEM-only Phenom II X2 511 and 521 model numbers, the new Llano APUs could end up in OEM systems. In our opinion, OEMs would prefer to display long-standing CPU brands, rather than new family names, known only to computer enthusiasts. This might explain Sempron and Athlon II branding of these Llano APUs.

The table below summarizes specifications of new Llano processors:

ModelPart numberCoresFrequencyL2 cacheTDP
Sempron 198XSD198XOJZ22GX22.5 GHz1 MB65 Watt
Athlon II X2 221XAD221XOJZ22GX22.8 GHz1 MB65 Watt
Athlon II X4 641XAD641XWNZ43GX42.8 GHz4 MB100 Watt
Athlon II X4 631XAD631XWNZ43GX42.6 GHz4 MB100 Watt

Update: The first, or one of the first reports regarding existence of Athlon II and Sempron-branded Llano CPUs, was published a month ago by user "Crashtest" in Planet3DNow! forum. According to his report, which is based on information from AMD AGESA code for Llano processors, the socket FM1 platform may potentially utilize large number of family names, based on Athlon and Sempron brands. Full list of family names is provided in the linked thread, and we will only point out a few the most interesting ones: Athlon II X3 4xx, E2-1xxx, Sempron II X3, amd Sempron II X4.

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There could be more ...

2011-08-05 07:39:07
Posted by: [P3D] Crashtest

Well I reported this and other CPUs like possible coming Quadcore Semprons 1 month ago at

There could be more ...

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