Bits and pieces: AMD FX-8150 at 8.43GHz, Core i7-2700K frequency confirmed

Earlier this week, in a press release, titled "AMD Showcases World’s Fastest CPU", AMD announced new overclocking world record. Not yet released FX-8150 processor with 6 disabled cores was overclocked to staggering 8.429 GHz by a team of overclocking specialists working together with AMD engineers. It's definitely an impressive result, and a great marketing stunt. AMD was able to get a lot of publicity without revealing anything about micro-architecture performance. Seeing how many hardware news sites used the word "fastest" and "speed" in their stories instead of "higher clocked" and "frequency", we can also say that the misleading press release title worked very well. The press release did confirm the delayed launch of FX family in the 4th quarter 2011.

Speaking about upcoming AMD FX processors, another US store listed AMD FX-6100, FX-8120 and FX-8150 models. The pre-order prices are a bit higher than on due to overall higher prices in the store, but they are still in line with previously published prices.

More details on forthcoming Intel Core i7-2700K microprocessor emerged in a socket 1155 CPU support list on Biostar website. So far we knew only model number, S-spec number and part numbers for this chip. New informartion includes 3.5 GHz clock speed, and 95 Watt Thermal Design Power:

Core i7-2700K details on Biostar website

Last week, Intel published Product Change Notification, containing discontinuation notice for Core i5-750S, Core i7-860S, i7-870S and i7-880 CPUs. The processors can be ordered until March 30, 2012. OEM parts will be shipped until September 7, 2012, whereas boxed Core i5s and Core i7s will be shipped until supplies last.

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Don't Care for Compound Stores

2011-09-18 13:10:55
Posted by: BrendaEM

I think that the average consumer is glad that there might be a little competition, but I feel that it diminishes the journalistic integrity of this site to put two unrelated CPU briefs in one entry.

AMD FX-8150 at 8.43GHZ

2011-09-26 02:36:41
Posted by: vino

i7-2700k is very technically submitted

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