AMD Opteron 4200 lineup revealed

In September AMD began shipments of next generation server processors with Interlagos core, based on Bulldozer micro-architecture. The CPUs, branded as Opteron 6200, will feature up to 16 cores, support quad-CPU configurations, and will be launched this quarter. Also in the 4th quarter, AMD is going to introduce Opteron 4200 "Valencia" chips, which are less expensive server parts for dual-processor systems. Up to this moment there was no any information on specific Opteron 4200 models. Today we were able to locate details on 8 upcoming Valencia microprocessors.

Like Opteron 4100 family, 4200 family is a mix of standard-, mid- and low-power microprocessors. The only known at this time low-power "Valencia" model is Opteron 4256 EE. This eight-core part runs at 2.5 GHz, and has 32 Watt Average CPU Power, which, we believe, corresponds to 35W TDP.

Two mid-power Opterons are six-core 4228 HE and eight-core 4274 HE. These processors come with 2.8 GHz and 2.5 GHz clock speeds, and they both boast 50W ACP (65W TDP).

All remaining models have 75 Watt ACP, or 95 Watt TDP. Opteron 4226, 4234 and 4238 have 6 CPU cores, and operate at 2.7 GHz, 3.1 GHz and 3.3 GHz. Opteron 4280 and 4284 have 8 cores, although their clock frequencies are lower, only 2.8 GHz and 3 GHz.

Known specifications of Opteron 4200 microprocessors are listed below. Please note that we included ACP, or Average CPU Power, which is lower than Thermal Design Power:

Model# CoresFrequencyACP
Opteron 42266 cores2.7 GHz75 Watt
Opteron 4228 HE6 cores2.8 GHz50 Watt
Opteron 42346 cores3.1 GHz75 Watt
Opteron 42386 cores3.3 GHz75 Watt
Opteron 4256 EE8 cores2.5 GHz32 Watt
Opteron 4274 HE8 cores2.5 GHz50 Watt
Opteron 42808 cores2.8 GHz75 Watt
Opteron 42848 cores3 GHz75 Watt

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2011-10-06 21:59:09
Posted by: John Wuorenmaa

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BLE8752 OS4228OFU6KGU OPTERON 4228 HE 6C 50W 2.8GHZ C32 TRAY $290.57
BLE8733 OS4228OFU6KGUWOF OPTERON 4228 HE 6C WITHOUT FAN 50W 2.8GHZ C32 $290.57
BLE8750 OS4234WLU6KGU OPTERON 4234 6C 75W 6 3.1GHZ C32 TRAY $200.33
BLE8731 OS4234WLU6KGUWO OPTERON 4234 6C WITHOUT FAN 75W 6 3.1GHZ C32 $200.33
BLE8749 OS4238WLU6KGU OPTERON 4238 6C 75W 6 3.3GHZ C32 TRAY $290.57
BLE8730 OS4238WLU6KGUWOF OPTERON 4238 6C WITHOUT FAN 75W 6 3.3GHZ C32 $290.57
BLE8747 OS4256HJU8KGU OPTERON 4256 EE 8C 32W 2.5GHZ C32 TRAY $430.00
BLE8746 OS4274OFU8KGU OPTERON 4274 HE 8C 50W 2.5GHZ C32 TRAY $430.00
BLE8729 OS4274OFU8KGUWOF OPTERON 4274 8C HE WITHOUT FAN 50W 2.5GHZ C32 $430.00
BLE8745 OS4280WLU8KGGU OPTERON 4280 8C 75W 8M 2.8GHZ G32 TRAY $290.57
BLE8728 OS4280WLU8KGGUWOF OPTERON 4280 8C WITHOUT FAN 75W 8M 2.8GHZ G32 $290.57
BLE8744 OS4284WLU8KGU OPTERON 4284 8C 75W 8M 3.0GHZ G32 TRAY $360.73
BLE8727 OS4284WLU8KGUWOF OPTERON 4284 8C WITHOUT FAN 75W 8M 3.0GHZ G32 $360.73

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