Intel Core i3-2350M and i3-2367M CPUs launched

Earlier this week, Intel introduced new microprocessors for mainstream and ultra-low power notebooks. They were launched without announcement, and without update of the official pricelist. In cases like this, we usually wait until Intel ARK product database is updated with specifications of new models before reporting on them. In this case first four CPUs were added to Intel website on Monday and Tuesday. These were Pentium 967 and B960, Core i5-2430M and i7-2670QM. Since then two new microprocessors appeared in the ARK database, Core i3-2350M and i3-2367M. Both CPUs are faster versions of existing i3-2330M and i3-2357M models, and they have standard Core i3 features, such as 2 CPU cores with Hyper-Threading, 3 MB L3 cache, and support for SSE4 and Advanced Vector Extensions.

Intel Core i3-2350M, which is aimed at mainstream notebooks, for the first time was spotted in May of this year. This microprocessor has 2.3 GHz operating frequency, and 35 Watt TDP. The processor integrates graphics unit, clocked at 650 MHz, and up to 1.15 GHz when maximum performance is needed. The i3-2350M is offered in PGA and BGA packages.

Core i3-2367M is a new CPU, and we haven't reported on it yet. This processor has 1.4 GHz clock speed, and its GPU operates at 350 MHz, and up to 1 GHz in Turbo mode. The i3-2367M is targeted at ultra-thin and light notebooks, hence it has ultra-low power consumption, and it's manufactured in a BGA form factor.

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