Pre-order prices of AMD Opteron 3200, 4200 and 6200 processors

Earlier this week we published two stories with model numbers and partial specifications of Opteron 3200 and 4200 server processors. Today our reader John Wuorenmaa alerted us that these processors, as well as full Opteron 6200 line-up, are now available for pre-order at Bottom Line Telecommunications. What's more, Opteron 6200 line-up references two new processors, Opteron 6204 and 6262 HE.

AMD Opteron 3200 series consists of three CPUs for one-way workstations. Microprocessors from this series should work in socket AM3+ motherboards, therefore potentially they can be utilized on consumer AM3+ boards. Pre-order prices for these Opterons range from $114 for quad-core Opteron 3250 EE, and up to $263 for eight-core 3280 HE. Assuming that the prices will drop a little once the chips are released, we suspect that quad-core 3250 and 3260 will be priced close to Athlon II 605e and 615e models, that have exactly the same number of cores and power requirements:

ModelCoresFrequencyTDPPre-order price
Opteron 3250 EE42.5 GHz45 Watt$114.45
Opteron 3260 EE42.7 GHz45 Watt$143.77
Opteron 3280 HE82.4 GHz65 Watt$263.12

AMD Opteron 4200 family for two-way workstations and servers includes six- and eight-core parts with clock frequencies from 2.5 GHz to 3.3 GHz. The most expensive from this family are mid- and low-power processors 4274 HE and 4256 EE. The rest of the family is priced from $143 to $360:

ModelCoresFrequencyTDPPre-order price
Opteron 422662.7 GHz95 Watt$143.77
Opteron 4228 HE62.8 GHz65 Watt$290.57
Opteron 423463.1 GHz95 Watt$200.33
Opteron 423863.3 GHz95 Watt$290.57
Opteron 4256 EE82.5 GHz35 Watt$430.00
Opteron 4274 HE82.5 GHz65 Watt$430.00
Opteron 428082.8 GHz95 Watt$290.57
Opteron 428483 GHz95 Watt$360.73

Interesting to note that current prices for Opteron 4100 family follow the same pattern. Energy Efficient CPUs, such as Opteron 4164 EE and Opteron 4176 HE, are two most expensive models in the 4100 series. All other Opteron 4100 chips have official prices (in 1K quantities) from $99 to $316.

Opteron 6200 series is comprised of 10 processors with 4, 8, 12 and 16 cores, and clocked as high as 3.3 GHz. As expected, 16-core models have premium prices, that range from $588 for Opteron 6262 HE and 6272, and up to $1135 for high-power 6282 SE. Remaining CPUs have lower prices in the $303 - $588 range:

ModelCoresFrequencyTDPPre-order price
Opteron 620443.3 GHz115 Watt$516.13
Opteron 621282.6 GHz115 Watt$303.17
Opteron 622083 GHz115 Watt$588.93
Opteron 6234122.4 GHz115 Watt$430.00
Opteron 6238122.6 GHz115 Watt$516.13
Opteron 6262 HE161.6 GHz85 Watt$588.93
Opteron 6272162.1 GHz115 Watt$588.93
Opteron 6274162.2 GHz115 Watt$720.17
Opteron 6276162.3 GHz115 Watt$881.22
Opteron 6282 SE162.6 GHz140 Watt$1135.26

New models in Opteron 6200 family are 6262 HE and 6204. The 6262 HE is a mid-power processor with 16 cores, 1.6 GHz clock speed, and 65 Watt ACP. Opteron 6204 is the only quad-core chip from the Opteron 6200 line-up. This model is clocked at 3.3 GHz, and it has standard 80 Watt ACP, or 115 Watt TDP. The CPU has quite high, in our opinion, pre-order price, $516. The 6204 is not a low-power Opteron, and it has the same size of on-chip cache as other 6200 family members, thus the only explanation of the high price could be its high clock, and, possibly, Turbo Core frequency.

Update: 12 hours after the story was posted, all Opteron 3200, 4200 and 6200 pricing information was removed from Bottom Line Telecommunications website.

Update (Oct 17): We corrected core frequencies for Opteron 6212, 6234 and 6238 microprocessors.

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2011-10-08 02:51:25
Posted by: [P3D] Crashtest

You should remove 3Dnow! from the feature list because Bulldozer wont support it. AMD removed it from all new CPU Core Designs (Bulldozer & Bobcat); Llano only has this because of that its using K10 CPU Cores ...


2011-10-08 23:26:35
Posted by: gshv

You're right, I forgot about it... All bulldozer pages were updated. Thank you for the correction!

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