Bits and pieces: AMD FX-4100 pre-order price, boxed 960T is available

AMD FX-Series of microprocessors, based on not yet released Bulldozer core, will be launched in a few days. One of upcoming models, AMD FX-4100, emerged in several US online stores at the end of September. Tray version of this CPU was listed for $180 - $190, and at the time we estimated that its official price could be close to AMD FX-6100 model. Since then, the price was lowered, and the CPU is now listed for $120.68 on, and for $130.20 on Bottom Line Telecommunications website. Also, both stores now have boxed version of FX-4100 CPU on pre-order for about $121. Official price of the processor may still be a bit lower than pre-order price, and we estimate that it will be in the $110 to $120 range, or close to current official prices of Phenom II X4 840 and Phenom II 955.

The first "Zosma"-based processor, AMD Phenom II 960T, started shipping in OEM system in the second half of last year. "Zosma" core has a few advantages over "Deneb" quad-core design, and the most important ones are lower power requirements, addition of Turbo Core feature, and presence of two disabled CPU cores, that could be unlocked on some chips. Boxed version of AMD 960T was spotted in Japan in June, and now it's available in US. Newegg currently sells boxed 960T for $124.99 with free shipping. Unlocking is not the only option to get more performance out of this chip. Phenom II 960T should have unlocked clock multiplier, which allows easy overclocking of this model.

Intel Core i7-2600S energy efficient microprocessor was launched in January 2011, but so far it was only shipped in OEM desktop PCs and All-in-One systems. This summer we spotted i7-2600S box part number on Intel website, which suggested that eventually Intel may come up with boxed version of the CPU. Boxed processor was indeed released, and small quantity of these chips is now available from Amazon and

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