Intel launches Core i7-2700K, drops prices on three CPUs

In August we reported about upcoming price drops of Intel microprocessors in September and October 2011. In accordance with the story, Intel reduced prices of energy-efficient Core i5 and i7 CPUs in September. The second round of price cuts happened today. The latest Intel pricelist shows 13% - 15% lower prices for Pentium G630, G850, and Core i3-2120 models. The pricelist also includes new Core i7-2700K microprocessor.

Price of Pentium G630 was slashed from $75 to $64, that is to Pentium G620 level. Pentium G850 became $11 cheaper, and now it costs $75, which is not different from Pentium G840. Lastly, the price of Core i3-2120 was dropped from $138 down to $117, and it's now priced exactly like Core i3-2100. Old and new prices, as well as brief specifications of three processors, are presented in the table below:

ModelCoresThreadsFrequencyL3 cacheOld priceNew price
Core i3-2120243.3 GHz3 MB$138$117
Pentium G630222.7 GHz3 MB$75$64
Pentium G850222.9 GHz3 MB$86$75

Intel Core i7-2700K was spotted for the first time a month ago in Material Declaration Data Sheets (MDDS) database on Intel website. This processor has 4 CPU cores, and can execute up to 8 threads at once. The 2700K is clocked at 3.5 GHz, which is 100 MHz faster than the previous flagship model for socket 1155, Core i7-2600K. Like the 2600K, the 2700K has unlocked clock multiplier and 8 MB L3 cache. The CPU is priced at $332 in 1K quantities. This is $15 more expensive than the i7-2600K, and it's a good indication that Intel has no intention to lower 2600K price. Before the launch, Core i7-2700 was available for pre-order at Amazon for $381.86 with free shipping, and at MWave for $369.99 plus shipping.

Update (Oct 24): MWave now has Core i7-2700K for $359.99 in stock with free, but slow, Super Saver shipping in mainland US.

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2011-10-23 18:47:03
Posted by: debs3759

For anyone in the UK (and possibly good for most of Europe), they are also available for pre-order from Scan (that's where I just pre-ordered mine). I couldn't find anyone else in the UK who has them listed, including amazon.

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