AMD FX-8100 CPU is offered in HP Pavilion PCs

AMD Bulldozer micro-architecture, and first FX microprocessors, based on it, were introduced on October 12. The first CPUs were quad-core FX-4100, six-core FX-6100 and eight-core FX-8120 with 125W TDP, and FX-8150. Besides them, three or four additional chips will be available later this quarter. One of the upcoming processors is FX-8100, and it can now be ordered in HP Pavilion HPE h8z and h8m desktop PC series:

AMD FX-8100 processor option on HP Pavilion HPE h8z configuration page

Like AMD flagship FX-8150 microprocessor, the FX-8100 features 8 cores (4 modules), coupled with large 8 MB level 3 cache. The processor has 2.8 GHz clock speed, and integrated Turbo Core technology can boost it to 3.1 GHz for all cores, and up to 3.7 GHz for 4 or fewer CPU cores. The FX-8100 accommodates the same SSE4, AES and AVX extensions to instruction set, as other FX parts. The 8100 CPU is not as power-hungry as FX-8150, and it fits into 95 Watt power envelope. On HPE h8z order page, the AMD FX-8100 is $80 cheaper than the 8150. Complete h8z configuration with 2.8 GHz 8-core FX processor, 8 GB RAM, 1.5 TB SATA drive, Blue-ray drive and Window 7 Home Premium operating system costs $849. Pavilion HPE h8m with the same FX-8100 is $120 less expensive due to less capable components: 6 GB of memory, 1 TB hard drive, and SuperMulti DVD Burner.

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