More details on Trinity core leaked

On October 25, we reported on several leaked AMD roadmap slides, that detailed Trinity and other upcoming mobile cores, as well as new AMD mobile Accelerated Processing Units (APUs), that are due for release later this quarter. On November 4, user "bigpao007" in the chiphell forums leaked a few more slides about the upcoming Virgo platform and Trinity core. Virgo is the platform that will support the new Trinity processors. According to AMD projections (based on a digital media workload), they should provide a 30% increase in performance over the Llano APUs.

Trinity APUs contain a Piledriver core, the 2nd generation Bulldozer core. There can be up to 4 cores (preliminary info say either 2 or 4 cores), and there are various GPU configurations available. The package uses the new FM2 (904 pin) socket, so is not compatible with the FM1 package used by Llano. The on-chip graphics supports Direct X 11, and, like the Piledriver core, promises to offer a 30% performance increase over Llano chips.

Virgo platform and Trinity core details

The Lynx chipset (for Llano) was configurable to run with a TDP of 65W or 100W. Virgo adds the option of a 125W TDP. Additionally, Turbo Core has been upgraded to version 3, which has been extended to work with the GPU, giving access to more power. In addition to this, Virgo has 3 dedicated display outputs, where Lynx only had 2. All of these features help to provide more computing power when combined with the Trinity APUs.

Partial information was also released about engineering sample part numbers. 15 models are described:

ModelMarketCoresBase ClockMax Boost ClockGPU Clock
2520Mobile22500 MHz3200 MHz610 MHz
2621Mobile22600 MHz3000 MHz563 MHz
2625Mobile22600 MHz3000 MHz626 MHz
2220Mobile42200 MHz3100 MHz600 MHz
2322Mobile42300 MHz3200 MHz655 MHz
2324Mobile42300 MHz3200 MHz686 MHz
2500Mobile42500 MHz3200 MHz610 MHz
2520Mobile42500 MHz3200 MHz610 MHz
3323Desktop23300 MHz3600 MHz711 MHz
3721Desktop23700 MHz4000 MHz709 MHz
3020Desktop43000 MHz3700 MHz709 MHz
3024Desktop43000 MHz3700 MHz709 MHz
3324Desktop43300 MHz3600 MHz711 MHz
3326Desktop43300 MHz3600 MHz711 MHz
3820Desktop43800 MHz4100 MHz709 MHz

As some of the model specs are duplicated, it's not yet clear whether there are other differences between the models.

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Comments: 2

"As some of the model specs are duplicated, it's not yet clear whether there are other differences between the models. "

2011-11-08 12:44:28
Posted by: Jedibeeftrix

different number of active shaders........?

intel comparison

2011-11-09 23:56:32
Posted by: Amit Mittal

can Trinity challenge ivy bridge with price/performance ratio. I don't think after slow bulldozer architecture performance.

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