Intel Pentium 350 CPU is available

In March 2011 Intel announced plans to release a few low- and ultra-low power microprocessors for micro-servers. One of these processors was scheduled for the second half of this year. It was an ULV CPU with 15 Watt Thermal Design Power, based on Sandy Bridge microarchitecture. More details about this chip emerged at Intel Development forum in San Francisco. According to published slides, the microprocessor was branded as Pentium 350, and had launch date of October 2011. This weekend Pentium 350 CPU was added to Intel product database, and now we have complete specifications of this part.

Despite of its "Pentium" brand, the new CPU looks more like a derivative of Xeon E3-1220L, rather than the ULV version of consumer Pentium or Core i3 processors. Similar to 1220L, the 350 has 2 cores, 3 MB L3 cache, and it works with ECC memory and lacks on-chip graphics unit. Additionally, Pentium 350 supports Hyper-Threading technology, and this is where similarities between this chip and E3-1220L end. The Pentium doesn't support AES and AVX instructions, and it doesn't come with Turbo Boost and Trusted Execution technologies. New microprocessor is clocked at 1.2 GHz, significantly lower than 2.2 GHz frequency of the E3-1220L. With only 15 Watt TDP and socket 1155 compatibility, the Pentium 350 could be great for HTPC and small home server use. Unfortunately, in accordance with previous reports, this Pentium will not be available as a desktop CPU, and will only be shipped in micro-servers.

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