AMD Trinity Initial Performance Projections Revealed

We previously reported that AMD's new platform, Trinity, due in Q1 2012, is expected to show a 30% performance increase over Llano. Turkish site DonanimHaber has now revealed some slides that give more details of this performance boost. These slides show estimated performance in visual and general performance, and parallel computing performance, as well as details of expected crossfire performance improvements.

Preliminary benchmarks of AMD Trinity processors
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In 3DMark Vantage, Trinity is showing an average of a little over 30% compared to Llano in visual tasks. General performance measured with PCMark Vantage shows a meager 13% performance boost. However, at the other end of the scale, GPGPU compute tests, taking advantage of the VLIW4 architecture, show an improvement of over 56%.

The final slide shows expected performance when using a Radeon HD6570 (Turks Pro) GPU in crossfire. The HD6570 outperforms the APU in visual performance, but when used in Crossfire configuration the performance increase is far more significant.

It's yet to be seen whether these estimates are accurate, but they indicate that we can expect some significant improvements over Llano for visually intensive tasks such as gaming. Overall, the charts appear to indicate an improvement of between 25% and 40% for graphics intensive tasks, confirming previous estimates, and up to 15% improvement in general CPU performance. It also appears extra cores equates to a higher performance boost compared to the equivalent Llano chip.

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