Ivy Bridge Performance Expectations

On November 27th, we published the first of 2 articles revealing the Ivy Bridge desktop CPU line-up, with details of Sandy Bridge CPUs that are being directly replaced and their Ivy Bridge counterparts. A user in HWBOT forums leaked latest roadmap slides with very detailed benchmarks, comparing equivalent processors from both generations, and showing how different parts of the new architecture will affect performance.

The most extensive testing done compared an i7-2600 to an i7-3770K. Both processors have 8M cache, 3.4 GHz base clock, 4 cores and hyperthreading. The i7-2600 has Intel HD2000 graphics, while the i7-3770 has HD4000 graphics. Tested using Sysmark 2012 (which represents performance using business applications), IB showed a 7% performance increase over SB. HDXPRT (consumer content creation) showed a 14% increase. Cinebench 11.5 showed a 15% performance boost for 3D rendering tasks, while ProShow Gold 4.5 showed a 13% boost for slideshow creation. Each of these tasks is said to show the effect of architecture improvements and higher Turbo Boost 2.0 frequencies. A final CPU test using Excel 2010 showed a 25% performance boost, helped by a faster cache. These figures represent an overall performance boost of about 18% on a wide range of processor intensive tasks.

Testing the graphics performance, we see some much more interesting results. ArcSoft Media Expresso, measuring Intel Quick Sync Video performance, showed a boost of 56%. 3D Mark Vantage graphics subtest using the entry preset showed a gain of 168% in 3D graphics performance.

As I would expect, those new processors with a higher frequency upgrade show greater performance boost. For example, the i7-2600S is replaced by an i7-3770S, with an increase of 300 MHz in the base clock and 100 MHz in the Turbo Boost speed, and a CPU performance boost of approx 19% using the same set of tests.

Core i5 processors that were tested showed a CPU performance boost of between 11% and 13%.

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