AMD Trinity Production To Commence In March 2012

Production of AMD's much anticipated A-series Trinity APUs is set to commence in March 2012, according to an article at X-bit labs. Low power chips, with a TDP of 65W, will commence production in March 2012, and higher performance parts with TDP of 100W will be in production from May.

The first production wave will include the A10-5700, A8-5600, A6-5400 and A4-5300 series, all with a 65W TDP, in March. These will be followed in May by the high-performance 100W parts, from the A10-5800 and A8-5600 series. In addition to improved performance over Llano, there is expected to be greater availability when Trinity is released, thanks to Global Foundries improved production of 32nm SOI/HKMG wafers from Q4 2011.

Trinity will be preceded by several updates to the Llano product line in January 2012. Standard parts include A8-3820, A6-3620 and A4-3420. There will also be 2 unlocked parts, A8-3870K and A6-3670K.

It's not yet clear whether AMD will be releasing all the Trinity families together, or if those that are starting production earlier will be released earlier than the later, high-performance parts.

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