Specifications of Intel Celeron G460 CPU

On November 14 we reported on the upcoming Celeron G460. On November 18, Fudzilla published some further information, which was mostly confirmed by recently leaked Intel Desktop Roadmap.

Celeron G460 specifications from the latest Intel desktop roadmap

The roadmap states that Celeron G460 has base clock speed 1.80 GHz, a 200 MHz jump over the G440. There is 1.5 MB cache, a 50% increase. And it is also the first Sandy Bridge Celeron to have hyperthreading enabled. Other features are identical to the G440, which it replaces as the recommended choice for a Celeron based value system, including the TDP of 35W.

According to the Fudzilla article, G460 will sell for $37. Intel G530, which has 2 cores and runs at 2.4GHz, is only $5 more, but additionally has a TDP of 55W. Based on the roadmap, the G460 processor is due to be released in Q1 2012. According to our source, the Celeron may be launched as early as next week.

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Comments: 4

Not the first Celeron with HT

2011-12-07 12:06:36
Posted by: TLS

It might be the first Sandy Bridge Celeron with HT, but it's not THE first Celeron with HT


2011-12-07 12:59:11
Posted by: gshv

According to my information, G460 is the first one. Please post which Celeron was the first.


2011-12-09 22:53:05
Posted by: spiral

The Jasper Forest Celeron P1053 has HTT.

It's product 47647 on Ark, if you want to look it up.


2011-12-10 01:35:46
Posted by: gshv

Thank you, that's helpful. Debs will be offline for a couple of days, so I will correct the story.

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