Intel Core i5-2550K is in the works

The latest Intel desktop roadmap, leaked two weeks ago, stated that current Core i5 Sandy Bridge processors will be replaced with Ivy Bridge models in the second quarter 2012, and there are no Sandy Bridge Core i5s planned. It comes as a surprise that the company indeed has one new SB model in the works, Core i5-2550K with unlocked clock multiplier. S-spec and box part numbers of this processor were revealed in today's update of Material Declaration Data Sheets database:

Core i5-2550K box and S-spec number in MDDS database

Intel upcoming microprocessor has BX80623I52550K box part number, which corresponds to i5-2550K processor number. The CPU has SR0QH S-spec, which we can trace to CM8062301213000 OEM part number. Both box and OEM part numbers were added to the MDDS database this week. Based on this, and also on the fact that the i5-2550K is not on the roadmap, we believe that the decision to release this chip was made very recently. Besides the fact, that the 2550K is based on Sandy Bridge design with 4 CPU cores, and produced in LGA package, there are no known specifications for this Core i5. We suspect that it will have higher core frequency, perhaps 3.4 GHz, while other characteristics will be identical to Core i5-2500K. That is, the processor will have unlocked clock multiplier, 6 MB L3 cache, HD 3000 graphics, support for Turbo Boost technology, and 95 Watt TDP. Launch date of new CPU is not known. Our suspicion that it will be available before or not long after the next wave of AMD FX-Series microprocessors, and its release will allow Intel to better position Core i5/i7 enthusiast chips against AMD FX lineup.

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