Intel launched Celeron G460 and 807UE CPUs

Two new Celeron processors were released this week. Today Intel updated official price list, and added Celeron G460 microprocessor. Earlier in the week, embedded Celeron 807UE CPU appeared in the ARK product database with the status "launched". Both Celerons are quite interesting, as each of them has at least one unique feature, which is Hyper-Threading on model G460, and ultra-low power on 807UE.

In September, Intel launched single-core Celeron G440. That processor had 1.6 GHz frequency, 1 MB of level 2 cache, and basic technologies like Intel 64 and Virtualization. The G440 was priced at $37, which seemed like a bad deal, considering that G530 with two cores, 2.4 GHz clock and 2 MB L3 cache, was only $5 more expensive. Celeron G460 has the same $37 price as the G440, and has significantly better price/performance ratio due to greatly improved features. The G460 has 1.8 GHz, or 200 MHz higher clock speed, larger 1.5 MHz last level cache, and it uses Hyper-Threading technology, that is it can execute two threads at once. The processor is not yet available in US online stores, however it was already spotted in some stores in Japan.

We reported on embedded Celeron 807UE at the end of September, and specifications in Intel ARK database match exactly with our previous report. Intel 807UE is a single-core CPU, clocked at 1 GHz, and having 1 MB L3 cache. The processor integrates Intel HD graphics with 350 MHz / 800 MHz base and turbo frequencies, and it doesn't support any advanced technologies. The 807UE has a couple of unique features, that make it different from any other Sandy Bridge processor. First, the CPU has 10 Watt Thermal Design Power, i.e. comparable to desktop-oriented Atom chips. What's more, memory controller on Celeron 807UE has only one channel, and supports up to 4 GB of physical memory, which is similar to Atoms from D2x00 series. Pricing of this SKU is not known.

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