Mobile Intel 7 Series Chipsets (Panther Point)

While the Mobile Intel 7 Series chipsets have much in common with the desktop chipsets that we reported on earlier today, there are a number of important differences in which features are implemented. There are 6 different mobile chipsets, all of which are expected to be available in Q2 2012.

The mainstream chipsets (HM75, HM76 and HM77) and the low power chipset (UM77) are all expected in April. The 2 chipsets at the business end of the scale, QM77 and QS77 (the latter is small form factor) are expected in May.

We can also now report that Panther Point is pin compatible with Cougar Point, and that Sandy Bridge processors will work in Ivy Bridge motherboards. The only Sandy Bridge motherboards we know about that support Ivy Bridge processors are those based on the H61, H67, P67, and Z68 chipsets for the desktop, with the latest BIOS updates. According to the latest Intel mobile roadmap, Huron River motherboards will not be compatible with Ivy Bridge processors.

All mobile chipsets support the processor graphics and offer PCIe. UM77 has 4 PCIe ports, while the others all offer 8 ports, so you can use a discrete GPU if you wish to. The onboard graphics support includes 3 displays, and all except UM77 offer VGA output. All chipsets also support a wireless display.

For storage, we have 4 SATA ports, 1 of which is 6 GB/s, on UM77, and 6 ports (2 are 6 GB/s) on each of the other chipsets. Additionally, each of the **77 chipsets supports Intel Rapid Storage Technology 11.0.

Intel Anti-Theft Technology 3.0 comes with all the mobile chipsets, and if correctly set up this can help protect your valuable investment. Each of the **77 chipsets also supports Intel Small Business Advantage. Finally, QM77 and QS77 also support Intel Active Management Technology 8.07.

HM75 is the only chipset to not support USB 3.0. Each of the other chipsets has 4 USB 3.0 ports. UM77 has a total of 10 USB ports. HM75 and HM76 both have 12, and the remaining 3 have 14 USB ports each.

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