Early Ivy Bridge Benchmarks Revealed

On November 29 we published details of Ivy Bridge performance expectations. We can now reveal benchmarks results of an i7-3770K sample that was tested by a user on the chiphell forums. Each test was executed at stock settings, so the results are easily compared to those of an i7-2700K at stock settings.

A user at hwbot forums posted the results in a graph comparing them to those of a i7-2700K, so it is easy to see where the real performance benefits are.

In 3DMark06, the CPU benchmark shows an improvement of 2.4%, from 7000 on the i7-2700K to 7170 on the i7-3770K. The 3DMark06 Global result, using the IGP, is where Ivy Bridge really comes into it's own. A score of 6841 on the i7-3770K is a 37% improvement over the 5000 scored by the i7-2700K.

In Fritz Chess benchmark, the i7-3770K shows a 2% improvement over the i7-2700K, with scores of 28.89 and 28.3. CineBench R11.5 shows us a 6% improvement, from 7.1 to 7.52, in CPU performance.

These scores indicate a CPU performance boost of approx 3% on average over the benchamrks we have seen. The GPU looks to be about 35% faster than on Sandy Bridge. Although none of these figures comes close to those claimed by Intel, they do represent an early sample of a chip that uses less power than it's predecessor (and the screenshots don't show the actual power usage, only the TDP).

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