Core i7-3820 is available for pre-order in the US

One month ago Intel launched socket 2011 enthusiast platform, comprised of X79 chipset, and Core i7-3960X and i7-3930K microprocessors. Both Core i7s are six-core CPUs, that boast better performance than previous generation of Extreme Edition consumer chips, at a premium price. The good news is that much less expensive socket 2011 processor is coming in the first quarter 2012. As was previously reported, Core i7-3820 will be released in February, and it will be priced at $294 in 1K tray quantities. This CPU is now available for pre-order in Provantage online store.

Pre-order price of Core i7-3820 CPU in Provantage store

Although Core i7-3820 is not launched yet, its specifications are readily available on Intel website, for instance, in this Core i7 Extreme Edition family brief (PDF file). The 3820 has smaller 10 MB L3 cache, and only 4 cores, than Core i7-3930K, however they are clocked 400 MHz faster. 3.6 GHz stock frequency of this quad-core model can be boosted up to 3.9 GHz, which is also a bit higher than on the i7-3930K. Intel i7-3820 supports AES instructions, and Hyper-Threading and VT-d virtualization technologies. The microprocessor works with DDR3-1600 memory, and does not have on-chip graphics. Provantage has this SKU on special order for $311. That is only $17 over the official i7-3820 price, and we suspect that the price may drop once the chip is launched.

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