Intel plans Core i7-3517UE and i7-3555LE embedded CPUs

More than a week ago we published specifications of Ivy Bridge-based Core i7-3610QE, i7-3612QE and i7-3615QE embedded processors. Basic characteristics of those quad-core CPUs are very similar to forthcoming Core i7-361xQM OEM chips. The embedded parts will also incorporate several advanced features, such as ECC support and Vpro technology. In addition to 361xQE quad-cores, Intel will also release Core i7-3517UE and i7-3555LE dual-core embedded models in the second or third quarter of 2012.

Core i7-3517UE is an ultra-low voltage CPU with 1.7 GHz clock speed, Hyper-Threading and 4 MB of level 3 cache. The microprocessor integrates HD 4000 graphics, clocked at 350 MHz. The part is planned as a replacement for Core i7-2610UE, and it has matching 17 Watt Thermal Design Power. Compared to i7-2610UE, the i7-3517UE has 200 MHz higher core frequency, and 400 MHz higher maximum Turbo Boost frequency.

Low-voltage Intel i7-3555LE is a dual-core CPU, operating at 2.5 GHz, or up to 3.2 GHz when Turbo Boost is activated. This Core i7 is going to replace i7-2655LE, that has identical 25 Watt TDP, and 300 MHz lower base and Turbo frequencies. The i7-3555LE features 4 MB L3 cache and Hyper-Threading technology. Integrated HD 4000 graphics on this chip is clocked at 550 MHz.

Both processors will work with DDR3-1600 ECC memory, support Vpro features, and will be produced in BGA packages. The summary of processors' features is provided below:

ModelCoresThreadsFrequencyTurbo FrequencyL3 cacheGraphicsTDP
Core i7-3517UE241.7 GHz2.8 GHz4 MBHD 4000 / 350 MHz17 Watt
Core i7-3555LE242.5 GHz3.2 GHz4 MBHD 4000 / 550 MHz25 Watt

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