Ivy Bridge to launch on April 8

There has been a lot of talk recently about Intel reducing prices of Sandy Bridge CPUs in the run-up to the launch of Ivy Bridge. Digitimes today (December 28 ) published details including pricing and release dates for various Ivy Bridge processors and chipsets. Initial SKUs will be released on or around April 8 2012, with a few more parts following over the following few weeks.

The source says there will be 17 desktop processors and 8 notebook and ultrabook processors will be released on or around April 8, along with a range of chipsets.

Desktop processors to be available at the initial launch include Core i7-3770K, 3770, 3770S and 3770T, as well as Core i5-3570, 3550 and 3450. Prices range from $184-332. The Core i5-3470T will be released some time in May, at a price of $184. A full list was not provided in the article, but as it says 17 desktop processors will be released around April 8 it looks like all the products we know of will be released around then except the 3470T.

Desktop chipsets to be released at the same time include Z77 ($48 ), H77 ($43), Z75 ($40) and B75 ($37). May 13 will see the release of Q77 ($44) and Q75 ($40), both targeting the business market.

Notebook processors to be launched in April include Core i7-3920XM ($1096), 3820QM ($568 ) and 3720QM ($378 ). Products to be released at a later date (TBD) include i5-3520M, 3360M, 3320M, i7-3667U and i5-3427U.

The April launch will also include several mobile chipsets. These are HM77 ($48 ), UM77 ($48 ), HM76 ($43) and HM75 ($40). Business oriented chipsets QS77 ($53) and QM77 ($48 ) will be launched in May.

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