Details of FX-6200 CPU emerge on AMD website

Earlier this month Donanim Haber published specifications, release dates and prices of unlocked FX-6200, as well as A-Series A6-3670K and A8-3870K microprocessors. A-Series APUs were announced on December 20, and they surfaced in retail a week later. FX-6200 SKU, which was supposed to be released on December 26, is not yet available in stores. However, as was already reported by many hardware news sites, FX-6200 specifications already appeared on AMD website:

AMD FX-6200 specifications page on AMD website
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As you can guess from the model number, AMD FX-6200 is a six-core CPU, that offers higher performance than FX-6100 model. Higher performance of the FX-6200 is achieved by raising base and maximum Turbo Core frequencies to 3.8 GHz and 4.1 GHz respectively. Thermal Design Power of the new chip was also increased to 125 Watt. Like other FX-Series products, the 6200 has 8 MHz L3 cache, and it fits socket AM3+ motherboards. Official price of this processor is $175, which is $10 more expensive than FX-6100. According to CPU support list for Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3 motherboard, the microprocessor still comes with B2 core stepping, therefore it's unlikely that it includes any major internal core enhancements. If the switch from 6100- to 6200-series cannot be attributed to improved core, then it was done either to make model numbers more consistent with Opteron series, or for marketing reasons.

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