Intel publishes specs of Atom D2550, N2650 and N2850 CPUs

After delays, at the last week of December Intel launched N2600 and N2800 "Cedar Trail" Atom microprocessors for netbooks and mobile devices. At launch time, the company published revised version of Atom D2000/N2000 series datasheet, available here (PDF file). The datasheet included specifications of two just released N2600 and N2800 models, two previously released D2500 and D2700 CPUs, and also information on three unreleased Atoms with processor numbers D2550, N2650, and N2850. All three chips were spotted in November in a list of CPUs, licensed for Windows 7 Starter operating system.

In December, details of Atom D2550 CPU were disclosed in a leaked Intel desktop roadmap, and they are now confirmed by the Atom datasheet. Dual-core D2550 is clocked at the same 1.86 GHz frequency, as model D2500, however it has a couple of performance improvements: Hyper-threading technology, and increased to 640 MHz GPU frequency. The CPU has 512 KB L2 cache per each core, and 10 Watt TDP.

Intel N2650 and N2850 dual-core microprocessors feature better performance than just released N2600 and N2800 chips, at the expense of 0.1 Watt higher power consumption. Atom N2650 operates at 1.7 GHz, and has integrated GPU clocked at 400 MHz. This SKU does not officially support Blu-Ray 2.0 playback. N2850 comes with 2 GHz clock speed, 640 MHz iGPU frequency, and 6.6 Watt TDP. Both processors have 1 MB L2 cache and support Hyper-threading technology:

ModelCoresThreadsFrequencyL2 cacheTDPGPU frequency
Atom D2550241.86 GHz1 MB10 Watt640 MHz
Atom N2650241.7 GHz1 MB3.6 Watt400 MHz
Atom N2850242 GHz1 MB6.6 Watt640 MHz

Launch dates of new CPUs are not known yet.

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