Intel discontinues mobile Celeron processors

Single-core Celeron 925 and 763 processors have been on a market since January of last year. These two models are from Penryn group of families, which are two generations behind current Sandy Bridge CPUs. Their replacements, mobile Celeron B710 and ultra-low voltage 787, were launched in June - July 2011 time frame, as a result Penryn Celerons are now set to retire. Yesterday Intel published Product Change notification (PCN), which advises clients about upcoming discontinuation of single-core 763 and 925, as well as dual-core T3500 processors. The last order date, or End-Of-Life date, for these Celerons is June 15, 2012. The mobile microprocessors will be shipped until January 4, 2013.

As it stands now, all Penryn chips from mobile Celeron and Celeron M families had discontinuation notices published. Some older Celerons are already retired, while others, such as Celeron 743 and 900, will be end-of-lifed in February 2012.

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