Intel Atom Z2460 (Formerly Medfield) Announced

The Intel Medfield platform has now been officially announced by Intel, in the form of the Intel Penwell SoC, otherwise known as the Atom Z2460. Atom Z2460 is a true single-chip SoC solution, which has a 1.6 GHz Atom core with hyper-threading. Graphics will be provided by an Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX 540 GPU running at 400 MHz. It will be shipped in a 12mm square package.

As well as the Atom Core and the PowerVR GPU, the Atom Z2460 will have 512 KB L2 cache and supports 1 GB dual-channel LPDDR2 memory, running at 400 MHz (800 MT/s). This doesn't sound like much, but the chip is designed for mobile devices and appears to be optimized more for browsing than graphics work, as shown by some benchmarks published by AnandTech.

The Z2460 CPU core can run in a number of power/performance states. In C6 standby mode, the processor can completely power down, using zero power, without shutting down the rest of the system. This is enabled by Intel's Smart Idle Technology. Performance scales nicely as the power level is increased, first to Low Frequency Mode (LFM) and on to High Frequency Mode (HFM) then up to maximum frequency. Performance/Power ratio is optimal at lower frequencies. Intel Burst Performance Technology makes it possible to burst from one of the lower frequency modes to a higher frequency mode. This means, for example, that a smartphone can be in a C6/S0 sleep mode, consuming almost zero power, and resume instantly on resuming a call or receiving some other user input.

The graphics core, known by Intel as the Graphics Media Accelerator, is power optimized for 2D/3D graphics, and runs at 400 MHz. Support for OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenVG 1.1 support provide realistic 3D rendering and high frames per second gameplay. MPEG 4.2 and H.264 codecs are built-in, as is WMV and VC1 playback. Internal displays up to 1280x1024 are supported, and an HDMI output offers 1920x1080 display at 30 fps.

An Image Signal Processor offers amazing image quality with a throughput of up to 240 Megapixels per second. This makes both low speed image capture in demanding environments, and 15 fps second burst shot capture possible.

The charts at AnandTech indicate that Atom Z2460 is faster than 5 other devices previously tested when running Sunspsider Javascript Benchmark 0.9.1 or BrowserMark. 3D benchmark tests showed that the 400 MHz GPU clock gives a higher score than other comparable devices. Power consumption in standby and when browsing is lower than Apple iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S II. Idling, power consumption is claimed to be as low as 18 mW, increasing to 700mW when talking and 1W when browsing. 720p video playback uses around 850mW.

Atom Z2460 is expected "within a few months".

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2012-01-14 01:06:21
Posted by: seronx

~2W Idle TDP
~4W Active TDP

If you wanted to know

Platform power usage!=CPU power usage

2012-01-14 09:31:15
Posted by: DavidC1

"~2W Idle TDP
~4W Active TDP

If you wanted to know"

Yes, and that's platform power usage in a Tablet form factor.

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