Latest NVidia Kepler Rumors - Specs, Dates and Pricing

Following hot on the heels of the AMD roadmaps revealed at their analyst day last week, Indian website have published detailed specs for the full range of Kepler GPUs, including prices and projected release dates. As is usual with rumors, the details differ from previous rumors, but they do appear to give a reasonable overview of what to expect.

The source indicates that there are only 3 basic cores, compared to 5 that have been mentioned in previous reports. These cores will be used to produce 7 single-GPU cards and one dual-GPU card.

ModelCodenameCore ClockMemoryMemory ClockStream ProcessorsROPsBus WidthMemory BandwidthExpected PriceRelease Date
GTX690GK110 x 2750 MHz2 x 1.75 GB4.5 GHz GDDR52 x 10242 x 562 x 448-bit2 x252 GB/s$999Q3 2012
GTX680GK110850 MHz2 GB5.5 GHz GDDR5102464512-bit352 GB/s$64912 April
GTX670GK110850 MHz1.75 GB5 GHz GDDR589656448-bit280 GB/s$49912 April
GTX660TiGK110850 MHz1.5 GB5 GHz GDDR576848384-bit240 GB/s$399Q2/Q3 2012
GTX660GK104900 MHz2 GB5.8 GHz GDDR551232256-bit186 GB/s$31912 April
GTX650TiGK104850 MHz1.75 GB5.5 GHz GDDR544828224-bit154 GB/s$249Q2/Q3 2012
GTX650GK106900 MHz1.5 GB5.5 GHz GDDR525624192-bit132 GB/s$17912 May
GTX640GK106850 MHz2 GB5.5 GHz GDDR519216128-bit88 GB/s$13912 May

As there have been suggestions online recently that NVidia or people working in their interest in the Far East are spreading false rumors about the performance expectations of Kepler, I must remind readers that this information is still nothing but rumors. Until we have some concrete information originating from NVidia (I have yet to see a leaked slide that looks like it comes from them) or an OEM we can only speculate. I note also that the source article was published on the same day that AMD had their FAD and announced their upcoming products.

If the above rumors are true, GTX680 will offer approx 45% better performance than AMD Radeon HD7970, which is it's direct competitor. GTX670 will be a 20% improvement over HD7950, while GTX660Ti will perform 10% better than HD7950. GTX660 is said to perform similar to GTX580. GTX650Ti will equal the performance of GTX570, and GTX650 will replace GTX560. Finally, GTX640 will have GTX550Ti performance. This ties in with previous rumors, which have all indicated similar performance expectations.

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Comments: 3

A small correction in post

2012-02-07 13:38:22
Posted by: Arun Lenzfire

GTX670 will be a 20% improvement over HD7970

but you have mentioned "GTX670 will be a 20% improvement over HD7950"

A small correction in post

Don't believe the rumours!

2012-02-08 07:02:02
Posted by: NVGreg

Rumours around the web, are all fake! I don't know where are they from, but don't believe them. We will make an announcement this year. Please be patient guys.
Creating rumours won't help us. Especially not, when they are suggest that Kepler is much faster than the competition. Even, if we release such a fantastic product like Fermi, it will fail, due to the high expectations caused by rumours.


2012-02-09 10:49:22
Posted by: Gustavo

During CES NVIDIA said they were expecting much more from AMD HD7900 series.
So I don't think Kepler will be slower than HD7900, but I too don't think all the rumours are truth.
In a few months we will know the real numbers.

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