Intel to retire Core i3-550 and i3-560 CPUs

Last December Intel published several Product Change Notifications (PCN) that revealed company plans to discontinue 19 desktop processors in June 2012. The list of discontinued CPUs included a mix of Westmere- and Sandy Bridge-based models ranging from Pentium to Core i7. Yesterday Intel notified its customers about discontinuation of two additional socket 1156 microprocessors, Core i3-550 and i3-560. Last order date for these Core i3s is June 29 2012. OEM chips will be shipped until December 7 2012, and boxed processors will be shipped while supplies last.

Core i3-550 and i3-560 were the last desktop CPUs for socket 1156 platform, that received discontinuation notices. Other Westemere Core i3 parts, Core i3-530 and i3-540, will be end-of-lifed in April and June. Also, all Pentium, Core i5 and Core i7 processors will be retired in, or before June 2012.

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