Intel releases Core i7-3820 processor

Socket 2011 platform, and consumer-class processors for the platform were introduced three month ago. The first two models were Core i7-3930K and i7-3960X, based on "Sandy Bridge-E" core. The third socket 2011 SKU, also planned to launch last November, was Core i7-3820. The processor was delayed by three months, and only yesterday Intel added this model to official price list.

Intel i7-3820 is built on Sandy Bridge-E core, a variation of Sandy Bridge core that sports large 10 MB or greater L3 cache, and integrated quad-channel memory controller. The chip has 4 CPU cores, clocked at 3.6 GHz, and 10 MB of last level cache. The 3820 supports most of Sandy Bridge features, including Turbo Boost, that can bump core frequency up to 3.9 GHz when necessary, and Hyper-Threading technology, which doubles the number of threads, processed by the CPU at the same time. The i7-3820 doesn't support business-oriented technologies, such as Trusted Execution. The CPU has 130 Watt Thermal Design Power. Intel i7-3820 is priced at $294, which is considerably lower than the prices of Core i7-3930K and Core i7-3960X Sandy Bridge-E microprocessors.

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Comments: 6

Where is this processor?

2012-02-14 09:36:25
Posted by: KC

I have been seeing all over that this processor was released yesterday, but none of the big dealers like Tigerdirect and Newegg seem to be carrying them. The only place I have seen them are on random sites (Google Shopping search) where they are $300+ and back ordered for 2 or more weeks. Has anyone heard when other retailers will be carrying this processor?

date 3820

2012-02-14 10:32:29
Posted by: cam

according to one of the google shopping sites, the delivery date for their warehouse to get them is 2/21/2012. So maybe it's pushed back a week in the US.


2012-02-14 11:29:35
Posted by: KC

Not cool man... not cool. I figured it wouldn't be available the day of, but Tiger and Newegg don't even have any information available yet. That's the last piece I am waiting on for the new build. :)

Support of VT-d

2012-02-14 13:47:03
Posted by: forrest ranger

According to intel the 3820 DOES support VT-d


2012-02-14 17:50:23
Posted by: gshv

Thank you for the correction! The article and processor specifications on the site were updated.

new core

2012-02-14 17:04:04
Posted by: corei

this is completely new design which has been explained in reviews (check anandtech etc..) it is NOT derived from 39xx series (which are all 8cores with disabled cores).

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