Atom D2550 to launch in March

Intel Cedar Trail platform for netbooks, nettops and mobile devices was introduced last fall, and at the launch time it consisted of two desktop D2500 and D2700 "Cedar View" microprocessors. In December Intel released mobile N2600 and N2800 models, also based on Cedar View core. At about the same time, Cedar Trail datasheet on Intel website was updated with details of three unreleased CPUs. We recently learned from our sources that one of these upcoming microprocessors, Atom D2550, will be launched in March.

There are many similarities between soon to be released Atom D2550 and currently available Intel D2500. The processors have two CPU cores, each with its own 512 KB L2 cache. Atom D2500 and D2550 chips run at 1.86 GHz, support Intel 64 and SSE3 instructions, and have 10 Watt Thermal Design Power. Additionally, the D2550 sports Hyper-Threading technology, and higher 640 MHz frequency of integrated graphics controller. Atom D2550 will be launched in the first half of March. Official price of this CPU is not known.

Update (Feb 23): It is possible that our source, that placed the launch of Atom D2550 CPU in the second week of March, was incorrect. According to VR-Zone, who seem to have more recent information, the D2550 will be released on February 26.

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