Intel cuts prices of low power desktop CPUs

Intel published today new version of official pricelist. According to it, the company reduced prices for low-power desktop Celeron, Pentium and Core i3 processors. Intel also added pricing for just released Xeon E5-1600 and E5-2600 series CPUs (they will be covered in a separate article), and Atom D2550.

Today's round of price cuts affected budget and mid-class 35 Watt microprocessors: Celeron G530T, Pentium G630T and Core i3-2120T. The prices were slashed by 10% on average. Core i3-2120T now costs $10 cheaper, and the prices of G530T and G630T were reduced by $5 and $6 respectively:

ModelOld priceNew priceDifference
Celeron G530T$47$4211.9%
Pentium G630T$70$649.4%
Core i3-2120T$127$1178.5%

Another low-power Core i3 model, i3-2100T, is discontinued, and it's on in the pricelist. There were no changes to prices of Core i5-2xxxT models.

Specifications of Atom D2550 appeared in Intel's ARK database last weekend. We originally reported that feature-wise the D2550 is positioned between D2500 and D2700 models, that were released almost 6 months ago. Dual-core D2550 is clocked at the same 1.86 GHz frequency, as the D2500, however it adds Hyper-Threading technology and faster on-chip GPU. This Atom is priced at $47, which is right between $42 and $52 official 1K prices of D2500 and D2700 SKUs.

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