AMD FX-8120 with liquid cooling is available for pre-order

In February we reported on pre-order prices of then upcoming FX-Series microprocessors, one of which was a boxed FX-8150 with liquid cooling. The CPU had close to $400 pre-order price, and the price eventually slid to $375 level ($384 from Amazon). The processor hasn't appeared in stock yet, however different FX model with liquid cooling solution surfaced in online stores. That chip is FX-8120, and it has part number FD8120FRGUWOX.

Like the FX-8150, the FX-8120 SKU has 4 Bulldozer modules, with 2 cores per each module, and shared 8 MB L3 cache. The CPU is clocked at 3.1 GHz, and Turbo Core feature can boost frequency as high as 4 GHz. The frequencies are lower than on the FX-8150, and the price is lower too. The 8120 processor with an air-cooled fan/heatsink has official price of $205, or $40 cheaper than the 8150. AMD FX-8120 with liquid cooling can be pre-ordered for $310, that is $65 - $75 less expensive than liquid cooling version of FX-8150. Availability date of the new FX-8120 processor is unknown.

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Comments: 3

What about 95W?

2012-03-26 14:30:19
Posted by: Robb

What about AMD FX-8120 (FD8120WMW8KGU / FD8120WMGUSBX) or FX-8140 (FD8140WMW8KGU)? Some time ago they announced that 8140 will be available in March 2012. I'm still waiting.


2012-03-26 21:20:43
Posted by: gshv

I wouldn't wait for them... Those are 95 Watt parts, and all of them could end up in OEM systems.


2012-03-28 13:23:32
Posted by: Robb

Well, it seems that FD8120WMGUSBX is boxed CPU... I'll give them some more time, or will go with FX-8120 (FD8120FRGUBOX). One can say - wait for Vishera :)

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