NVidia releases new range of mobile graphics alongside GTX680

Alongside yesterday's much talked about launch of the GeForce GTX 680, the first GPU built using NVidia's new Kepler architecture, they also launched large number of the GeForce 600M mobile GPUs. Three models, GeForce GT 635M, GeForce GT 630M and GeForce 610M were already available and used in some OEM products. What looks to be the rest of the lineup were launched, giving a range of mobile solutions with 48 to 384 CUDA cores.

At the high end of the range we see GTX 675M, with 384 CUDA cores running at 620 MHz. It has a 256-bit memory interface, with GDDR5 memory clocked at 1500 MHz. Memory bandwidth is up to 96 GB/s. Next in line is GTX 670M, which has 48 of the cores crippled, leaving 336 CUDA cores, running at 598 MHz. The memory interface is reduced to 192-bits, supporting GDDR5 memory at 1500 MHz.

GTX 660, 650M and 640M all have the full 384 CUDA cores enabled. GTX 660M runs at 835MHz, and has 128-bit GDDR5 memory. GT 650M comes in two flavors. The first has a core clock of 635 MHz, and it has 128-bit GDDR5 memory. The other version has a core clock of 850MHz, and 128-bit DDR3 memory. GT 640M runs at up to 625 MHz, and has either 128-bit GDDR5 or 128-bit DDR3 memory. GT 640M LE has up to 384 cores, at up to 500 MHz. It has 128-bit GDDR5 of DDR3 memory.

Moving down to the GT 635M, which was already available, we have either 144 or 96 cores. The core is clocked at either 675 MHz or 753 MHz (it's unclear whether both models run at both speeds). It has up to 192-bit GDDR5 or DDR3 memory. It's little brother, GT 630M, has the same choice between 144 or 96 cores, running at either 525 MHz or 672 MHz. This is supported by 128-bit DDR3 memory.

Getting back to the last of the new GPUs, we have GT 620M, with 96 cores running at 625 MHz, and supported by up to 128-bit wide DDR3. The last member of the family, GeForce 610M has 48 cores at up to 900 MHz, and 64-bit wide DDR3 memory.

GeForce ModelCUDA CoresGPU ClockMemory InterfaceMemory TypeMemory Clock
GTX 675M384620 MHz256-bitGDDR51500 MHz
GTX 670M336598 MHz192-bitGDDR51500 MHz
GTX 660M384835 MHz128-bitGDDR52000 MHz
GT 650M GDDR5384735 MHz128-bitGDDR5
GT 650M DDR3384850 MHz128-bitDDR3
GT 640M GDDR5384Up to 625 MHz128-bitGDDR5
GT 640M DDR3384Up to 625 MHz128-bitDDR3
GT 640M LEUp to 384Up to 500 MHz128-bitDDR3/DDR5
GT 635M144/96Up to 675/753 MHzUp to 192-bitDDR3/DDR5
GT 630M144/96Up to 525/672 MHz128-bitDDR3
GT 620M96625 MHzUp to 128-bitDDR3
610M48Up to 900 MHz64-bitDDR3

All of these models are now shipping in mobile devices at your favorite retailer.

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