Ivy Bridge announcement on April 23; AMD Trinity to launch on May 15

Next two months are going to be very exciting for computer enthusiasts as both AMD and Intel will be launching several new desktop and mobile platforms. Intel will announce new Ivy Bridge microarchitecture at the end of April, and AMD will introduce "Trinity" microprocessors with "Piledriver" core. Announcement dates for these platforms were revealed in the past few days by Chinese VR-Zone and SWEClockers news sites.

We previously reported that Intel's Ivy Bridge microarchitecture will be announced between April 22 and 28, and the first quad-core Ivy Bridge CPUs will be for sale from April 29. New architecture is supposed to improve CPU raw performance by small margin, provide big performance boost to on-chip graphics, and significantly reduce power consumption. According to Chinese VR-Zone, the micro-architecture will be announced on April 23. It is not evident from their story whether there are any changes to April 29 processor availability date or not. Their list of upcoming SKUs does not include energy-efficient Core i5-3550S, and low-power i5-3570T and i7-3770T models. Also, their prices are lower by $2 - $12 than we previously reported, and we do not know whether these prices are official or regional.

AMD "Trinity" Accelerated Processing Units (APU) were expected in the second quarter 2012. These chips will introduce "Piledriver" CPU cores, and will feature slightly faster CPU performance than Bulldozer-based processors, as well as greatly improved graphics core. The microprocessors will run at considerably higher frequencies than current generation of "Llano" APUs, although that doesn't mean that they will be much faster than current APUs in non-graphics applications. According to SWEClockers, desktop and mobile "Trinity" CPUs will be launched on May 15, and low-power mobile APUs for thin and light notebooks will be available in June.

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Bulldozer CPU not APU

2012-04-06 09:53:26
Posted by: Kyle

Just to clarify; Llano APU's did not include any Bulldozer architecture. Trinity APU's will include an updated Bulldozer core called Piledriver, but there never were any Bulldozer APU's to begin with. The Bulldozer FX series were CPU's only.


2012-04-06 15:38:39
Posted by: gshv

It was corrected. Thank you!


2012-04-10 21:48:32
Posted by: AMD Dude

The so called "Quad Core" Trinity really should be compared with "Dual Core" Sandy or Ivy Bridge Intel Silicon. Why? Because:-

In terms of pricing, a 4 CPU + 384 GPU core Trinity (Mobile) it lines up with a 2 CPU Core + 12 (16) CPU Core i5 -- $170~200

In terms of Number of Threads, a 4 Core Trinity is a 4 thread chip, a 2 Core Sandy/Ivy Bridge is a 4 thread chip

In terms of TDP, a 4 core Trinity (Mobile) is a 19, 25 or 35W chip -- a 2 Core Sandy/Ivy Bridge is a 17, 25 or 35W chip

In terms of actual # of cores, a 4 Core Trinity is really a 2 "Module" Trinity -- each module having 2 Integer and 1 FP, capable of 2 threads. Each 2 Core Sandy or Ivy Bridge 2 "Cores" each having 1 integer and 1 FP units but having Hyperthreading to handle 2 threads.

If you look at Dual "Module" AMD Trinity chips vs Dual "Core" Intel Ivy Bridge chips, all the benchmarks start to make sense.

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