NVidia quietly launch two new OEM GPUs

NVidia have quietly launched two new entry level GPUs for the OEM market. The new cards, GeForce GT 620 and GeForce 605, appear to differ from the earlier GeForce GT 520 and GeForce 510 only in their clock speeds, with both models sporting 48 CUDA cores. It looks like NVidia have taken a leaf out of AMD's book, and are recycling some older Fermi cores.

GeForce GT 620 has the same 48 cores as GeForce GT 520, with a graphics clock of 810 MHz and processor clock of 1620 MHz. It has 512 - 1024 MB 64-bit DDR3 memory, half what the GeForce GT 520 had. The memory is clocked at up to 898 MHz, the same as the OEM versions of GT 520, 2 MHz slower than the retail version.

ModelGeForce GT 520GeForce GT 620GeForce 510GeForce 605
CUDA cores48484848
Graphics clock810 MHz810 MHz810 MHz523 MHz
Processor clock1620 MHz1620 MHz1620 MHz1026 MHz
Texture Fill Rate6.5 Gigatexels/s6.5 Gigatexels/s6.5 Gigatexels/s4.2 Gigatexels/s
Memory1024 - 2048 MB512 - 1024 MB1024 - 2048 MB512 - 1024 MB
Memory clockUp to 898 MHzUp to 898 MHzUp to 898 MHzUp to 898 MHz
Memory Interface64-bit64-bit64-bit64-bit
Memory Bandwidth14.4 GB/s14.4 GB/s14.4 GB/s14.4 GB/s
Bus SupportPCI-E 2.0PCI-E 2.0PCI-E 2.0PCI-E 2.0

GeForce 605 is pretty much the same, except it has a GPU clock speed of 523 MHz, with a shader clock speed of 1026 MHz. It has the same 512 - 1024 MB of DDR3 memory as GT 620, running at up to 898 MHz.

Both models have a memory bandwidth of 14.4 GB/s and support DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.2. The previous models both support OpenGL 4.1, so evidently the drivers have been updated for the new models. Both models also support the standard screen resolutions of 2560x1600 (digital) or 2048 x 1536 (VGA).

What has changed (other than the amount of memory supported) from the previous generation cards is the maximum power draw. GeForce GT 520 and GeForce 510 both had a maximum power draw of 29W. In contrast, GeForce GT 620 has a maximum rated power draw of 30W, and GeForce 605 has a maximum rated power draw of 25W. Other than that, the cards have every sign of being remarks of the equivalent Fermi cards.

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