Rumored GeForce GTX 670Ti Specs have published what they say are the expected specs for the next member of the Kepler family of GPUs, GeForce GTX 670Ti, based on the GK104 core. The purchasing manager at Overclockers UK has previously posted regarding what cards are to be released in the Kepler line-up, along with approximations as to when they will be available. Due late this month or early in May, we will see a GTX 670 Ti and a GTX 670, both using the GK104 core.

It is widely acknowledged that GTX 680 was aimed squarely at AMD's Radeon HD 7970, as the top single-GPU graphics card. GTX 670 Ti will be the replacement for GTX 580, performing similarly to Radeon HD 7950. At or near the same time, GTX 670 will be released, replacing the GTX 570, and competing with Pitcairn (HD 7800 series) GPUs.

It is also rumored that around the same time we will see cards based on the GK107 core, although it is unclear what these cards will be called. Later in the year, we will see GTX 660, and possibly 660 Ti, replacing GTX 560 and 560 Ti, and based on the GK106 core.

Finally, we have already seen that some of the lower end 600-series GPUs use Fermi cores. This will be the case for all Fermi cards up to GTX 550, all of which will be recycled into 600 series GPUs, with raised clock speeds.

GeForce GTX 670 Ti, with the GK104 die, will have one of it's 8 shader clusters disabled, leaving 1344 CUDA cores (or shader units). There will be 4 raster engines, and 112 texture units (TMUs). 3DCenter say there will probably be 32 ROPs, and 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 memory, which sounds about right when comparing with previous generation specs. The graphics core is likely to be at least 900 MHz, and the memory clock, although unknown at this stage, is likely to be somewhere around 5 GHz effective.

The cards will use a PCI-E 3.0 interface, working in previous generation PCI-E boards. Power consumption when under load is estimated to be around 160W, although this is yet to be confirmed.

The launch is expected to be in May, although may be late this month. The launch price is expected to be around 380 Euro, pricing it similarly to Radeon HD 7950.

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