NVidia Tegra 4 Model Details

In November 2011, NVidia launched the Tegra 3 ARM based processor, using an architecture that was known at the time as variable symmetric multiprocessing, or vSMP. They have since renamed that technology as 4-PLUS-1 (now a registered trademark), and the same architecture is to be used in the next generation Tegra 4 processors, currently expected in 2013.

The 4-PLUS-1 architecture uses 4 powerful cores when compute intensive tasks are being performed, and has a lower powered core that it can switch to for less intensive tasks such as word processing or internet browsing.

According to information leaked to VR-Zone, there will be 4 models of Tegra 4 in 2013. Three models will feature 28nm ARM Cortex A15 cores, while the forth will be built around the Cortex A9 architecture. There are expected to be two products in Q1 2013, and two more in Q3.

In Q1, they will release a flagship model, "T40", and a mainstream model, "AP40" (both use an architecture with the codename Wayne). Both models are aimed at 10 inch devices. T40 will have a core speed of 1.8 GHz, while AP40 will have clock speeds in the range 1.2-1.8 GHz. Other details are not yet available.

In Q3, they are expected to launch two more models, "T43" (Wayne) and "SP3X" (Grey). T43 will be the second flagship model, and will have a core clock speed of 2.0 GHz. It is also aimed at 10 inch devices. SP3X is the Cortex A9 based model, also targeting the mainstream market. It uses the same 4-PLUS-1 architecture, only built around an earlier core, and it targets smaller 7 inch devices.

SP3X will additionally feature 4G LTE and 42 Mbps HSPA+ connectivity, offering improved network connectivity over the Wayne models. The other models, all built on the new Wayne architecture, will be optimized more for compute performance and bandwidth, and less for networking. It is possible that all models will have some aspects of Kepler built in, for gpgpu operations.

We hope to hear more about Tegra 4 at computer shows throughout the year, possibly starting in June with Computex.

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