Unreleased AMD Opteron CPUs are available for pre-order

AMD Opteron 4200 and 6200 server microprocessors were revealed in November of last year, and there are all indications that both families will be refreshed soon. Last week we released details on two new Opteron 4200 models, 4240 and 4276 HE. This week we spotted these SKUs, as well as 4 other upcoming chips from 4200 and 6200 series in several US online stores, including Provantage and Buy.com. Pre-order prices in Provantage store range from $344 to $490 (listings are on the bottom of the page) for 4200-series Opterons, and from $693 to $1364 for 6200-series CPUs:

prices of upcoming Opteron 6200 processors in Provantage online store

The listings contain three new SKUs: Opteron 4230 HE, 6278 and 6284 SE. Opteron 6230 HE could be a consumer version of embedded microprocessor, that had the same model number. Specifications of two other chips, Opteron 4240 and 4276 HE, you can find in our Opteron story from last week.

AMD Opteron 6278 and 6284 SE are sixteen-core processors with 16 MB L3 cache, and 115 Watt and 140 Watt TDP. Model 6278 operates at 2.4 GHz base frequency, and 6284 SE works at 2.7 GHz. We believe that these CPUs support Turbo Core feature, although their maximum Turbo frequencies are not known at this time. Like other parts from 6200-series, Opteron 6278 and 6284 SE use socket G34.

Twelve-core Opteron 6230 HE was planned for the first quarter 2012 as an embedded processor. It is possible that AMD elected to release it not just for embedded market. This model has 12 cores (6 Bulldozer modules) and 85 Watt TDP. It is also has 16 MB last level cache.

AMD 4230 HE is a 65 Watt mid-power model with six CPU cores, and 8 MB L3 cache. This Opteron operates at 2.9 GHz frequency, which is only 100 MHz faster than currently produced 4228 HE. The same is true for other unreleased Opterons. They are all clocked 100 MHz higher than existing models, as such they will offer only a few percent better performance than their predecessors.

Below you will find a summary of specifications and pre-order prices of upcoming Opteron 4200- and 6200-series CPUs:

ModelCoresFrequencyL3 cacheTDPPre-order price
Opteron 4230 HE62.9 GHz8 MB65 Watt$403.30
Opteron 424063.4 GHz8 MB95 Watt$344.05
Opteron 4276 HE82.6 GHz8 MB65 Watt$489.89
Opteron 6230 HE122.2 GHz16 MB85 Watt$692.87
Opteron 6278162.4 GHz16 MB115 Watt$1068.25
Opteron 6284 SE162.7 GHz16 MB140 Watt$1363.92

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