Upcoming budget CPUs surface on Intel website

Later this quarter Intel will release six Sandy Bridge microprocessors, refreshing their lineup of Celeron and Pentium desktop CPUs. The CPUs are expected to launch on June 3rd. We already reported on their specifications, and last week we published their official prices. S-Spec and box part numbers of some of these SKUs recently surfaced on Intel website in Material Declaration Data Sheets (MDDS) database:

Box part
numbers of Celeron G550, and Pentium G640, G640T and G870 CPUs

The MDDS page shows information only on Celeron G550, and Pentium G640, G640T and G870 models. All forthcoming SKUs have two CPU cores, and can execute two threads simultaneously. Celeron G550 is 100 MHz faster than currently available Celeron G540, and Pentium chips are slightly faster versions of G630, G630T and G860. Other details of these SKUs, as well as their S-spec and box part numbers, are provided in the table below:

ModelBox part numberS-SpecFrequencyL3 cacheTDPPrice
Celeron G550BX80623G550 / BXC80623G550SR0612.6 GHz2 MB65 Watt$52
Pentium G640BX80623G640 / BXC80623G640SR0592.8 GHz3 MB65 Watt$64
Pentium G640TBX80623G640TSR0662.4 GHz3 MB35 Watt$64
Pentium G870BX80623G870SR0573.1 GHz3 MB65 Watt$86

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