Mobile Intel Core i3-3110M CPU to launch in Q3

The first Ivy Bridge mobile microprocessors, introduced last Sunday, were high-performance quad-core models. These processors are not cheap, and ultimately they will take only a small part of mobile market. Things will get more interesting when we get closer to the launch of mid-class chips from Core i5 and Core i3 families. Core i5-branded dual-core CPUs will be released on June 3. In the third quarter, there will be two Core i3 mobile parts available. Specifications of one of these products, ultra-low voltage i3-3217U, were made public by VR-Zone two months ago. The second processor is a Core i3-3110M.

Intel i3-3110M runs at the same 2.4 GHz frequency, as the i3-2370M, which is the fastest mobile Sandy Bridge-based Core i3 chip. There are many similarities between these two SKUs: two Hyper-Threaded CPU cores, 3 MB L3 cache, support for VT-x virtualization and AVX instructions, and the lack of Turbo Boost technology and AES instructions. Both CPUs integrate tier 2 graphics with 650 MHz base frequency. Obviously, in the case of Core i3-3110M the graphics is HD 4000, and the i3-2370M has HD 3000. Ivy Bridge processor has 1 GHz maximum GPU Turbo speed, that is 150 MHz slower than on the 2370M. On the other hand, Core i3-3110M supports DDR3-1600 memory, whereas Sandy Bridge chip is limited to DDR3-1333. Upcoming Core i3 mobile processor has 35 Watt Thermal Design Power, and it will be produced in BGA, and in socket G2 compatible PGA packages. Core i3-3110M and Core i3-3217U will be launched in the third quarter 2012.

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