AMD readies R-series embedded APUs

Less than a week left before the launch of the next generation of AMD Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) with "Trinity" core. At first, AMD will introduce mainstream mobile processors, and later this and next quarters we will see new desktop and low-voltage mobile APUs. AMD also readies several embedded SKUs, based on "Trinity" core. The processors will be branded as "R-Series", and in many aspects they will be similar to mobile "Trinity" parts. Some characteristics of these products, such as model number, TDP and performance in graphics applications, relative to Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs, surfaced on AMD website (PDF file):

Performance of AMD R-Series APUs in comparison to Intel second generation CPUs

The graph shows that AMD R-464L has 106%, and R-272F has 45% better performance than Intel i7-2710QE embedded chip in 3DMark 06 and Vantage v1.1.0 applications. Core i7-2710QE incorporates HD 3000 graphics, which is noticeably slower than HD 4000 GPU on Ivy Bridge line of processors. Nevertheless, if the benchmark results in the PDF file are correct, then AMD R-464L may still be faster in graphics applications than Core i7-3612QE, which is an Ivy Bridge successor of the i7-2710QE.

The PDF file on AMD website does not list CPU or GPU features of R-series APUs, but we were able to locate some details on the R-464L. This chip packs 4 CPU cores, clocked at 2.3 GHz, and HD 7660G graphics. These specifications, as well as 35 Watt TDP, closely match mobile A10-4600M microprocessor. As a result, we wouldn't be surprised to learn if R-464L and A10-4600M have the same remaining features, such as 4 MB L2 cache, turbo and GPU clock frequencies (whatever those are). We don't have any information on the R-272F, but we believe that it's a dual-core APU, and it comes with HD 7500G or HD 7400G series graphics.

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Comments: 3

Not that fast man...

2012-05-11 23:42:38
Posted by: Gustavo Vanni

They are actually 106% and 45% faster than intel's competitors.


2012-05-12 16:44:44
Posted by: gshv

It was corrected, thank you!

So, compared to Ivy Bridge?

2012-05-13 04:33:56
Posted by: ET3D

Considering that Ivy Bridge is a lot better than Sandy Bridge in the graphics department, I wonder what kind of performance benefit AMD will be left with.

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