Unreleased Intel Core i7-3740QM and i7-3840QM CPUs sighted

The first wave of Ivy Bridge mobile processors, introduced last month, included only quad-core chips from Core i7 family. Out of 6 consumer i7 models, three were released as retail and OEM products, whereas the rest were OEM-only. It appears that Intel plans two additional retail SKUs, Core i7-3740QM and i7-3840QM. Box part numbers and S-Spec numbers of these chips surfaced in Material Declaration Data Sheets (MDDS) database in the last two days:

Box part numbers and S-Spec numbers of Core i7-3740QM and  i7-3840QM CPUs in MDDS database

According to published information, Core i7-3740QM and i7-3840QM have box part numbers BX80638I73740QM and BX80638I73840QM, and S-Spec numbers SR0UV and SR0UT respectively. Based on their processor numbers, we believe that they will replace i7-3720QM and i7-3820QM CPUs, that are currently in production. Intel i7-3x20QM are quad-core processors with HD 4000 graphics and 45 Watt TDP. These Core i7s boast support for all Ivy Bridge technologies, including Hyper-Threading and Vpro. The i7-3720QM runs at 2.6 GHz and up to 3.4 GHz, and has 6 MB L3 cache. Intel i7-3820QM operates 100 MHz faster, and has larger 8 MB cache. It's very likely that forthcoming i7-3740QM and i7-3840QM parts will have slightly higher clock speeds than the 3720QM and 3820QM microprocessors, while retaining all other their features.

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