AMD reveals details of desktop "Trinity" APUs

In May AMD unveiled first Accelerated Processing Units (APU), based on "Trinity" core. The launch event didn't include any desktop Trinity chips, and currently we don't have any reliable information on desktop processor timeline. Last month's reports placed the desktop "Trinity" launch in August, and more recent rumors suggest that the APUs may be pushed back to September or October. Unlike the launch date, specifications of forthcoming desktop processors were well-known since February, and earlier last week they were published by AMD.

According to this page on AMD website, the first wave of APUs will include four A8- and A10 SKUs. Each A8- and A10-Series will get one "K" processor with unlocked clock multiplier and 100 Watt TDP, and one processor with locked multiplier and 65 Watt TDP. All chips will integrate 4 CPU cores, 4 MB L2 cache, Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), and DDR3 memory controller, supporting 1866 MHz data rate. CPU part of the chip will be built on enhanced Bulldozer micro-architecture, whereas the GPU will use HD 7000 graphics. A10-Series products will employ Radeon HD 7660D GPU with 384 shader units, clocked at 760 MHz on the A10-5700, and at 800 MHz on the A10-5800K. Graphics unit on A8-Series chips will be downgraded to Radeon HD 7560D. That GPU will run at 760 MHz, however it will have only 256 shaders. Beside slower graphics, A8-Series parts will also come with lower CPU stock and Turbo Core frequencies. As we already know from other sources, future APUs will require FM2 motherboards. Detailed specifications of new CPUs are summarized in the table below:

L2 cacheGraphicsShader
A8-550043.2 GHz3.7 GHz4 MBHD 7560D256760 MHz65 Watt
A8-5600K43.6 GHz3.9 GHz4 MBHD 7560D256760 MHz100 Watt
A10-570043.4 GHz4 GHz4 MBHD 7660D384760 MHz65 Watt
A10-5800K43.8 GHz4.2 GHz4 MBHD 7660D384800 MHz100 Watt

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Comments: 6

Finally :D !!! Lol here I come a10-5000k and 7000 series gpu

2012-06-11 04:18:20
Posted by: Mattwer3

Muahaha let the laptop and tablet market be dominated :) or at least I hope so loliv been waiting for like 4 weeks lol so I can get a laptop for college
;) shah hopefully this gen will let me do bf3 med setting with 40+ fps


2012-07-07 17:08:12
Posted by: IronMikeAve

You can do BF3 with Llano 3850/3850 at medium settings 1080p around 40fps. This is nothing new. I play BF3 at 1080p high/medium settings and get 40+fps no problem.


2012-07-07 17:09:18
Posted by: IronMikeAve

Sorry I meant 3850/3870K. I have a 3870K and I play BF3 medium/high settings at 1080p no problem. You should have invested in an apu a long time ago if thats all your trying to do.

Go on

2012-06-11 06:05:14
Posted by: Mainframe

A10-5800K 3.8 GHz @5.014GHz;1067MHz graphic core 24/7 ;)


2012-06-11 10:57:41
Posted by: Gilgamex

How can the A8 be a 65W part when the A10-5700 (65w as well) has a 200 mhz increased core clock with a 300mhz differentiation with turbo and a solid 128 extra shaders?

The A8 is begging for a ULV edition or at least in proximity of a 55W rating

Trinity / Llano

2012-07-07 17:14:27
Posted by: IronMikeAce

Llano plays BF3 at 1080p at medium/high settings at 40fps no problem. I have 3870K and I run BF3 at 1080p medium/high settings and get 50-60fps all day long. Trinity should have no problem pushing 50+fps in ultra settings.

As for the lower TDP chips. It is obvious you dont know what you're talking about. They only make certain TDP chips. There are only 65 watt and 100watt desktop APU from AMD. Same with Llano. Then there is 35 watt and 17 watt. AMD simply doesnt make a 55watt APU. Thats just how it works and has been working forever. Intel has i5 and i7 at 77 watts but i7 has HT. This doesnt mean i5 should be like 67 watts. Rediculous statement.

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